Multilingual graphic design

We offer a comprehensive graphic design service in different languages, for publications such as corporate reports, brochures, large-sized visuals and infographics, to be published in printed format or electronically. 

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Graphic design in multiple languages and formats

Excelcis provides a comprehensive multilingual graphic design service for publications such as corporate reports, brochures and large-sized visuals, to be published in print or electronic form.

Given the specialized nature of many of the documents that we translate for our clients, it is essential to ensure accuracy in translating and adapting content in different graphic supports and formats.

We focus on visual communication, with the development of multilingual infographics to illustrate and complement text content, for a wide variety of formats (such as desktop, tablet or smartphone).

In collaboration with professional printing partners located in different countries, we offer the possibility of printing documents designed by us and shipping them internationally.

Samples of our previous graphic design work in several languages are available upon request. Please contact us for further information.


Website and software translation

Excelcis can also help you to translate a vast range of software and web applications into multiple languages, for adaptation to specific audiences.

Our expertise includes translation of e-learning materials, website content, computer software and mobile applications, as well as the development of term bases.

Upon request, we can provide samples of our work in this field.

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