Specialized translation

Excelcis provides specialized translation services, notably in the technical, legal, scientific and financial fields, in more than 25 languages. To this end, it uses glossaries and specialized terminology bases, for linguistic compliance in several languages. 

Industry-specific translation

Excelcis delivers industry-specific translation services for terminology consistency and linguistic compliance, by making comprehensive use of state-of-the art technologies and specialized term bases.

Our specialized linguists have subject-matter expertise in a wide range of industry sectors, notably in the technical, legal, scientific and financial fields, to ensure terminological accuracy. Upon request, Excelcis can also certify and legalize specialized translations, for official submission to national or international bodies.

Below are listed some of the most frequent specialized texts that we translate.

Specialized translation

Technical Texts

User manuals and technical data sheets
Patent and research documents
Software specifications
Engineering reports
Woman notary public or judge stamping and authorizing document in law office

Legal texts

Personal certificates
Court rulings and international lawsuits
Contractual documents
Notarial deeds

Scientific texts

Clinical analysis reports
Scientific research papers
Medical instrument specifications
Patents and market authorizations
Abstract virtual financial graph hologram on blurry modern office building background, forex and investment concept. Multiexposure

Financial texts

Annual reports
Tender and contractual documents
Bank reports
Financial statements

Terminology databases

In addition to its own working databases, Excelcis can create and maintain linguistic databases specific for its clients, such as online glossaries, translation memories and term bases, for linguistic consistency in multiple languages.

The resulting multilingual terminology, accessible through a wide array of devices in a centralized manner, can be integrated with existing glossaries as needed.


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